Bottlefeeding Consultations


Whether you are feeding human milk or formula to your baby, sometimes there are struggles with bottlefeeding. Babies may refuse the bottle, may gag while drinking, may leak while drinking...all of these are things I can help with. I'll do an assessment of your baby's suck, suckle and oral anatomy, observe a feeding and give you strategies to help you and your baby have a more peaceful feeding without tears! I also have bottles with me that I find helpful, so if you need a better bottle, we can try one of those.  This visit includes a care plan and report to your baby's care provider.  This type of visit does NOT include help with nursing or pumping. Your health insurance may reimburse for this visit if you are breastfeeding, nursing or pumping. Sign up now by choosing one of the options above.

At the Northborough office, $225.  In your home 20 miles or less from the office, $250.


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   Jeanette Mesite Frem, MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, CD, SBCPE

   Registered Lactation Consultant