Lactation Foundations Study Club

Hi! For those who are interested in learning more about working with families related to lactation, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, I'm hoping to start an online study group called Lactation Foundations Study Club (unless I come up with a more entertaining and memorable name later).

Watch the video below and if you're interested in joining, go ahead and join OR contact me with questions!

Details about the Study Club are below the video (and clearly I worked on the details more after I filmed the video!).


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If you are a breastfeeding helper (or want to be) and you're looking for a way to learn more about lactation and feeding and would enjoy online learning but instead of just listening to a presenter and taking notes, you'd enjoy a conversation about real cases, with real people...consider joining the beta* version of the Babies in Common Lactation Foundations Study Club.  
What is the Lactation Foundations Study Club ?
Weekly online meetings to discuss topics in lactation, breastfeeding and feeding babies. Each meeting will last about 30 minutes and will discussion, Q&A and "homework" resources (and sometimes slides!). There will also be a Facebook group so participants can post questions, share information and share joys/challenges as they work with families or study.
Are Continuing Education Credits Given for Study Club Meetings?
No continuing education credits will be given, however, if you are planning on sitting for the IBLCE exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, these hours MIGHT count toward your lactation education hours--that is between you and IBLCE, however, I can't guarantee they will approve them. Think of this study club primarily as a resource for you to learn more and clarify topics and practical information as you work with your current clients.
Who is the Study Club for?
Breastfeeding helpers who want to expand their knowledge about feeding babies, soothing babies, caring for babies and running a baby-related business.  This includes birth and postpartum doulas, visiting nurses, night nurses, breastfeeding counselors, social workers, medical providers who work with babies, early intervention providers and other non-IBCLCs who work with families are welcome to register.
What Equipment is Needed?
The Lactation Foundations Study Club meetings requires just a smartphone, tablet or computer to attend.  We will use the free app called Zoom for video/audio conferencing as a group.  The app we use may change in the future.
Will Meetings be Recorded?
The audio, presenter, written questions from participants and slides for the meetings will be recorded (so no video of participants but the recording of the program may include your name) for those in the club who would like to access them after the meeting to review or if they miss the meeting.
What is the Fee to Join the Lactation Foundations Study Club?
$65 for a 6-meeting package** (that's just $10.83 per club meeting)
No refunds if you miss a meeting "live" because you can access a recording. If you need to cancel the remainder of your package after the program starts, you will be given a partial refund based on the number of sessions you have attended).
For those in the US, remember that this will count as a business expense for your bookkeeping and tax purposes, as it is continuing education.
What Does Participation in the Study Club Include?
  • All participants will be able to join a closed Facebook group where you can reach me and other Study Club participants to post questions or comments or vent or celebrate successes with your clients/patients!  
  • Club members will contribute requests for topics as well as choose amongst suggested dates and times to maximize the ability for members to be online at the same time. The more people who can be on the live online class at the same time enriches the conversation. Again, recordings will be made and provided to active club members.
  • Bonuses are in the works!
  • You are encourage to have a drink with you during the call...we will, ahem, be talking about various aspects of drinking and swallowing related to babies, so why not have your own beverage with you...depending on the time of the call, that might be coffee, tea, water, lemonade, wine or beer! 
Privacy & Confidentiality is Mandatory
Discussion of cases is allowed WITHOUT identifiers so as to maintain confidentiality of the families. In some cases, as you might suspect, a referral to an IBCLC may be the best recommendation and I will help connect you to IBCLCs that may be able to help with your clients specific issues (I know IBCLCs all around the US and several in other countries).
Sign up now for the Lactation Foundations Study Club, which is slated to start the first week of March, 2019.  
At least 10 participants are needed to start the Lactation Foundations Study Club.
Tell your friends around the world, the more participants we have, the more dynamic the conversation!
*the word "beta" indicates that this is the first one and therefore is offered at a lower rate AND participants will be encouraged to make suggestions to help improve the program before it is opened up to a larger group as the first official Study Club.
**price subject to change after the beta study club is done.
  • As a "thanks for being the first in the group!", participants in this *beta* group will be able to continue in the group at the same low fee for as long as you want to continue to participate, just contact to request a discount code when you want to join a future session.
  • Dates and times are tentative because if many of those who register can't do a certain date or time, I'll be flexible and work with everyone to change the date so it works for more participants. I chose 8:30 pm to start because I imagine many folks need to put kids to bed...but if daytimes are better for many, I can do some evening and some daytime...we'll see what the group ultimately wants! I AM FLEXIBLE! This group if for YOU so I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to attend.
*Tentative* Study Club Dates for March/April:
Monday, March 4, 8:30 pm
Monday, March 11, 8:30 pm
Wednesday, March 20, 8:30 pm
Wednesday, March 27, 8:30 pm
Monday, April 1, 8:30 pm
Monday, April 8, 8:30 pm



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