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Learning How to Parent Your Child

How did you learn how to be a parent? Did you take a class? Did you read a book (or more than one)? Did you go to a conference or some workshops? Did you even take a class BEFORE you became a parent?It's fascinating to me, really, when it comes down to my honest thoughts, that one must become educated in order to become anything professional but there's no required training to be a parent…
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It Takes a Village

It Takes a VillageWe have heard the expression, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  It’s beyond true.  It’s more than true.  It’s perfectly true.Today was another demonstration of how a village works.  A few weeks ago, after quietly supporting the family of a little 2-year-old boy named Kai, who was fighting a brain tumor, Kai’s…
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CredentialsDuring our Nurture Me group* we talk about many things, including how mothers often feel like we’re not good enough, strong enough, [insert adjective-of-your-choice here] enough.  There are stories of how moms feel unqualified to speak up or ask questions when medical professionals are talking (down) to them (or AT them).  Some talk of feeling challenged or judged by…
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