Testimonials from Happy People


Testimonials from some of my clients and colleagues about my classes, my doula services and just in general…

"If you're thinking that a childbirth class is a bunch of women sitting around doing lamaze exercises you'll be in for a pleasant surprise attending the Natural Birth Ready class at Babies in Common.  While the class is a serious time investment, it pales in comparison to the feeling of being prepared for the hours leading up to birth and for the weeks that follow.  Don't underestimate how much there is to know and how much less stress and fighting there will be when you're both on the same page.  Besides, does it ever really hurt to get more brownie points?  Seriously though, I can't recommend Jeanette and this course highly enough; it really prepared my wife and I for what to expect in the hospital and even more importantly the trials and tribulations for the days/weeks after returning home.  Do yourself a favor and sign up!" Matt Haney, new dad

"Babies in Common has given me such an incredible community of supportive mamas to belong to. I recommend it to every mother I know. I truly am so appreciative of all of the support, wisdom, laughs, tears, and friendships." Chelsea Michelle, Hopkinton, MA

"The classes my husband and I took before the birth of our son enabled us to make well informed decisions and feel empowered through the birth of our son. Though we ended up with an emergency c section due to unforseen health concerns at the end of my pregnancy, we were better prepared to ask questions and make decisions. Now that our son has arrived, I have found an amazing community with other mothers (and babies and partners) through various groups as I begin the journey of motherhood. Thank you, Jeanette!" Riky Hanlan

"As a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics, I refer every one of my pregnant practice members to Babies in Common. They are the best when it comes to all things pregnancy and baby!" Lauren Hamm, DC, Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic

"Dragging myself and my newborn out of the house in the middle of winter to go to Babies in Common that first time was one of the best parenting decisions that I have ever made. Not only did Jeanette help me to exceed my breastfeeding goals, she also helped me to make lifelong friends. What an invaluable gift for a new mom! I encourage any mom to give it a try. Throw on some clothes or go in your pajamas. It really doesn't matter. Just show up. I promise that you won't regret it!" Laura Beth, Barre, MA

"I began going to Babies in Common when my baby, now toddler, was six weeks old. I remember walking into the Breastmilk and Cookies group as an excited, yet shy and not so confident new Mama. So much changed for me at that point. I kept returning to the groups for Jeanette's extensive knowledge and support. Not only did my confidence in breastfeeding and being a Mama grow leaps and bounds, but I found an amazing Mama tribe, friends that share what I'm experiencing, which I've found to be all to necessary in this journey of motherhood. I can't thank Jeanette enough for the safe haven she has created and the work she does. As I continue on my breastfeeding journey I can't help but think how different it would be if I didn't have BinC!" Jennifery Keary, Hopkinton, MA

"My husband and I both LOVE Babies in Common. It has been our #1 go-to resource since I was pregnant with my first. Since then, I have enjoyed Natural Childbirth classes, parenting classes, workshops on cloth diapering and sign language, breastfeeding support groups, working moms groups, and probably more! :) Jeanette is an unbelievable support for women and their families, and I can't say enough good things about BinC. ♥" Jennifer Caron, mother and acupuncturist, Body Therapeutics, Worcester, MA

"Wonderful place for mamas!" Pamela Gaw

"I can't say enough about Babies in Common. It's truly a very special place for parents and babies. I've learned so much and met so many wonderful people. If you're pregnant or have a baby, you should definitely check out the offerings. BinC has been an integral part of my early parenthood experience & I'll forever be grateful to Jeanette for all she does." Kristy Cullivan Sierra, Webster, MA

"When my midwife handed me a business card for Babies in Common, I couldn't imagine the ways she was shaping my pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood. Jeanette's "Natural Birth Ready" class prepared my husband and I for things we never would have thought to expect and the "Breast Milk and Cookies" group has helped me through everything from nursing woes to "ohmygosh, the contents of his diaper is what color?!". Babies in Common has been an invaluable resource and community for my little family and I'm looking forward to everything else it has in store for us as my little one grows." Lisa Levine, Worcester, MA

"Words can't express the gratitude my husband and I have for Jeanette and Babies in Common. The Natural Birth Ready class was just the beginning of our AMAZING journey! The class was insightful, inspiring, informative, and fun. It fully prepared us to embrace our birth and empowered me to fully trust my body to grow and birth my baby. Jeanette's support through our decision to birth at home was immeasurable. Her gentle guidance and support continued in our early weeks and beyond - from initiating our breastfeeding relationship, to lip/tongue tie and bottle refusal, to introducing solids and 10 months going strong! Jeanette's birth class, birth circles, breastfeeding groups, new moms groups and more have been instrumental in helping us find our way, not to mention the BinC Mama tribe that sees us through with love! We can't thank Jeanette enough and feel blessed that we found Babies in Common." Stephanie Buzzell

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"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for taking your class today. It was such an amazing experience. I learned so much, it was very educational. I wish I knew about your business when I had first become pregnant. Being that I am new to Massachusetts I have no one out here really and it was awesome to be able to connect with other mothers who are nursing and share stories and common concerns. This was such a great day and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I look forward to my bra fitting and and taking many more classes with you and the other mothers. The cookies were an added perk. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity."  Kristal Avila, Westborough, MA

First of all, I want to thank you for two very helpful classes. All the advice and stories of natural childbirth were very encouraging. I am convinced now, more than ever, that this is the best way to bring a child into this world. Also, your enthusiasm is inspiring! You even got [my husband] completely into it, which I thought would never happen.  GD, mom-to-be

The informed choice article was huge. I was going to wait to get to the hospital to look over everything I have to sign. I’ve decided not to go to work tomorrow and get those papers. And mark them up as I see fit. I’m not putting a blanket signature on anything. Thank you. Every article was great and does not come close to anything my doctor’s office gave me. Not even close.  KM, soon-to-be mother of second baby

“Jeanette was my wife’s doula for both of our daughters’ births. She was, in a word, fantastic. Jeanette has encyclopedic knowledge, a warm personality, a raucous sense of humor, and very good instincts and reactions as labor changes unpredictably. She was great at including me at all stages of the process, and we have all been good friends ever since. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” April 9, 2012, Mark Fleming, hired Jeanette as a Doula in 2005, and hired Jeanette more than once

“I had the pleasure of designing several logos and websites for Jeanette. She is well organized, has clear expectations, thinks out of the box and is easy to work with. She puts her creativity, energy and expertise into everything she does. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her career; helping families, babies and children through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I would recommend Jeanette with no hesitation.” May 4, 2012, Sarah KyriazisOwner, New Market Media

“Jeanette was SO supportive with the birth of our first son in November of 2001. My wife, who hails from West Africa, was eager to give natural birth like each of her sisters. As our Doula, Jeanette employed many simple, effective strategies that brought relief and comfort to my wife. She provided insight into the procedures during the birth as they occurred and she facilitated our conversations with the attending nurses. Additionally, she was extremely patient. The birth lasted 34 hours – well beyond anyone’s expectations – and she provided care continuously.  I also know Jeanette as the founder of at least one nonprofit organization and I can say that she has never lacked vision, energy, or stamina in the pursuit of her goals.” March 15, 2012, Russell Holden, hired Jeanette as a Doula in 2001

“Jeanette is an intelligent, compassionate woman whose ability to connect with moms-to-be and new moms is unparalleled. I have been privileged to benefit from her expertise on numerous occasions, and have benefitted greatly from her expertise. Jeanette provides those she works with pertinent information that is tailored to your situation. I recommend her highly, and have done so numerous times to other women, who have all been just as impressed and thankful for her guidance as I am.” February 25, 2012, Heather Baer, hired Jeanette as a Childbirth Educator in 2009, and hired Jeanette more than once

“I had the pleasure of hiring Jeanette as our doula to support all 3 of our children’s births. Her level of professionalism is off the charts as she extends herself beyond just coaching labor and birthing, but she continues supporting and encouraging us with baby/child rearing tips and techniques. She is incredibly knowledgeable, dependable and punctual, which is a true testament to why we had 3 successful all-natural births.” February 24, 2012, William Boudo, hired Jeanette as a Doula in 2006, and hired Jeanette more than once

“I have known Jeanette since 2006, when my husband and I attended the Childbirth Education class she ran at St. Vincent’s Hospital. She was thoroughly knowledgeable about the subject, gave us very valuable advice, and made the whole process of attending a class very fun. Based on her expertise, we asked Jeanette to be present at the upcoming birth of our child as our Doula. Jeanette truly enhanced our childbirth experience. She further educated us, calmed us when we needed it, and followed up with unbelievable support after the birth. We were lucky enough to have Jeanette present at the birth of our second child as well. I would highly recommend Jeanette to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, hard-working, knowledgeable, and most importantly compassionate Childbirth Educator or Doula.” February 23, 2012, Kristina Spillane, hired Jeanette as a Childbirth educator/doula in 2006, and hired Jeanette more than once

“Jeannette is a highly motivated, passionate and organized leader in women’s healthcare. She is a visionary in promoting childbirth choices for women, and in bringing together women of diverse backgrounds to a common goal. I have had the honor of working with her as a committee member and would highly recommend her for her professionalism, work ethic and enthusiasm.” February 22, 2012, Jean MacBarroncommittee member, Partners In Perinatal Health

“I highly recommend and endorse Jeanette Mesite-Frem. Jeanette is a visionary in the field of maternal and child health. She is passionate, hard working and creative and is committed to improving the health of our communities.” February 16, 2012, Lorenza HoltExecutive Director, Boston Association for Childbirth Education

“I have know Jeanette for over a decade. She is a self-motivated, energetic business woman. Jeanette takes all of her career commitments seriously, passionately seeing that any project she is involved with meets with success.”February 15, 2012, Sharon DavisBirth Doula and Childbirth Instructor, Self-Employed

“I have had occasion to work with Jeanette Mesite-Frem because I am a psychologist who treats women who have, or are at risk for, postpartum depression. Jeannette is a resourceful, caring, dedicated individual. She offers a combination of clinical and people skills with extraordinary management and entrepreneurial abilities. Her impact on her local community has far exceeded what one would expect from any single individual. I expect to see great things from her in the future and consider any organization that is able to hire her to be quite fortunate. Please contact me if you need more information.” February 15, 2012, Jennifer Lish, Ph.D.Director, Worcester Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

“As an acupuncturist who specializes in treating infertility and pregnant women, I have sent many of my patients to Jeanette for her services, both as a childbirth educator and a doula. The feedback was consistently great! My referrals loved her style of interaction, her warmth, her humor, and her incredible expanse of knowledge in her field. I have had the opportunity to work with her in teaching environments and have always been impressed with her knowledge and skill. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing the services she offers!”February 14, 2012, Eileen DePaulaOwner, Root & Branch Oriental Medicine

“Jeanette is a dynamic and energetic leader who knows how to build communities, establish viral brands and disrupt existing paradigms. She is an innovator and an entrepreneur and would bring these qualities to any organization she serves. Her passion for her work is contagious.” February 12, 2012, Bob CaronDirector of Business Development, Body Therapeutics

“After the birth of my daughter in 2010, I met Jeanette when I began attending New Mom’s Group at her business, Mother’s & Company. I was immediately impressed with her extensive knowledge of the birthing process, breastfeeding, and childcare and development. She had an incredible following of mothers who would visit her shop and workshops on a weekly basis because she did such a great job making her customers feel welcome while at the same time providing a location for new moms to meet, socialize, and educate themselves. She turned a long list of members on to the idea of natural parenting by being a good educator and a persuasive sales person. Jeanette had a positive impact on my first year of motherhood and I highly recommend her.” February 12, 2012, Katrina Allen

“Jeanette has designed the best Childbirth course available. Her classes present wealth of information, are very interactive and fun. Her shop has the best customer service and the frendliest atmosphere. I have not just personally experienced, but have also witnessed how every customer of Jeanette’s shop was treated as a friend, having their needs fully addressed and satisfied. I have always found exactly what I was looking for there and always learned something new. I very highly recommend Jeanette and her work!” February 12, 2012, Nadya Brady, hired Jeanette as a Childbirth Education in 2009

“Thank you for the awesome movement in labor class (my husband & I attended the class in march)…the techniques I learned in the class SAVED ME!. Most importantly, I was a much better self advocate this time around.”  SR

“Definitely would recommend a doula to other dads (and have!) because it makes the whole experience less stressful to me!” DP

“Your subtle breathing with me throughout labor was the most helpful thing you did. It was a very quiet and effective way to get me to focus. I thought it was great.” CM

“Just meeting and talking with you was very reassuring and comforting. And the printed materials you provided were helpful.” JB

“Having professional labor support did exactly as I had hoped. It (you) supported both me and [my husband] and allowed us to feel like we were in charge. As a result, our birth experience was fantastic!” RR

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“My basic recommendation to anyone would be to meet with several doulas and choose the one you find you ‘click’ with the best. Ultimately the relationship worked well because both [my wife] and I felt we could ‘be ourselves’ with you and rely on your direction, expertise, and humor. And ultimately that you were there to help us and to answer our questions, however silly or redundant.” MF

“It was wonderful having professional labor support. It provided a comfort level that we would not otherwise have had. I would highly recommend a doula. The doula brings so much knowledge about the labor and delivery process. This is knowledge that I did not have. Jeanette answered all of our questions along the way.” BK
“Thank you for your invaluable guidance and support during this amazing time. You empowered us to make choices that turned out to be very positive for us. We can only hope that [our daughter's] life is as filled with cheering supporters and trusted friends as her birth was!” R and M

Jeanette, our rock star doula who needs no sleep and has more tricks in her bag than David Copperfield (though hers always seem to smell really good).

“[My husband] was thrilled with having a doula and he thought you were excellent. He would strongly recommend them to other expectant dads because he really liked the idea of having of having someone there to support me and to reassure him that things that were happening were normal parts of labor….[My husband] and I really appreciated the hard work you put in with us at the birth. It was such a comfort to both of us having someone assist us with such knowledge, compassion, and integrity….you were superb and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.” BC
“I was afraid that the class would just be for insurance purposes. I was VERY wrong! I had wanted to do the one day class, but [my wife] convinced me otherwise. I am so very glad that she did. We have both found your class to be extremely informative. We have enjoyed the energy and spirit that you ahve brought to the class. We will miss having this class as it has been a wonderful resource/sounding board for our questions and our experiences. Thank you so very much.” JR

“Heartfelt thanks for all your support during my challenging pregnancy and through my labor and birth. I am so glad you were part of [my son's] entrance to the world.” AG
“I had some [complication] at 32 weeks and we called you right away. It helped to know that you were there to support us through whatever was going to happen. Also, we found that the baby was transverse breech and you gav eus exercises (which I did) and the baby immediately turned around. I could actually feel it!…I think having a doula helped me to be relaxed which in turn made the whole process a lot easier. Also, having you there helped to remind me all the things you taught us in class. The exercises, massage techniques, music, and your calm voice added to the relaxed atmosphere that you created.” NM