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Empowering.  Fun.  Gamechanger.  Unexpected.  Informative. Those are the words that some have used to describe my classes.  I’m blessed to have gotten to know well over 1000 clients in my childbirth classes who say they appreciate the energy, the jokes, the time, the options and the passion that I have for birth and supporting new parents and their babies.  My classes are small so I can get to know everyone, give you the individual attention you deserve, answer every question before, during and after classes as well as follow-up with everyone.  Childbirth classes should be fun...I mean, you ARE having a baby, after all! Why not make it fun!?

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Why Take This Class

If you’re looking forward to giving birth without medication, prefer no or little intervention or want an epidural but understand the benefits of waiting until later in labor to get one, this is the class to start with! Learn the basics of what you need to increase your chances for an awesome birth experience (as you define it) wherever you are choosing to give birth (hospital, birth center, or at home). We'll combine the wisdom of pioneers in the natural childbirth movement like Fernand Lamaze, Robert Bradley, Ina May Gaskin and Gail Tully (Spinning Babies) as well as evidence based information about prenatal care, labor and birth to help you form your own philosophy for your birth. And yes, there are videos. You don’t have to watch the baby-is-coming-out part of the videos if you don’t want to, but the how-do-women-labor and what-do-partners-do-to-help parts are so important…plus the commentary I provide along with the videos is priceless.  You don’t want to miss that, do you? Naaah.

The birth of your baby is a miracle. It’s awesome.  It’s amazing.  Birth just plain ROCKS.  It should be a day you rave about, no matter how that baby comes out! Find out how you, too, can have that kind of attitude about birthing. We'll talk about how to cope with labor without medication and do a few moves that will help you move your body during pushing and birth (but taking the Move & Get Comfy for Labor class is the one that REALLY goes into HOW to move and cope in labor and WHAT your birth partner can do for you).  Ultimately, the biggest lessons are that there are a a LOT of choices that you can make and what I want for you is that no matter how your baby is born, that you can look back and feel like you were able to do a bunch of things you wanted to do, that people treated you well and that you make choices that were felt good to YOU. It's about YOU, after all! (Check out the Birth Decisions: Medications & Interventions class to learn all about medications, interventions, Cesarean birth and how to have an awesome birth if you choose/need those options.)

This is NOT intended to be the only class you take. It is NOT intended to be a one-and-done class. Some folks will choose to have it be their only birth preparation class and that's up to you, you'll at least learn more about your choices and the realities of giving birth. But really, I encourage you to take another class or two or three or four, whether with Babies in Common or elsewhere.  Just get the information!  Your baby's birth day is one of the very most important days of your life!

Ideally, you'll take this class AND the others that I offer, so your prenatal education is well-rounded. If you take all my classes, your total hours in class will be 15.5. You can spare a couple days of learning so that you have the best birth possible and know a LOT about taking care of your baby from the minute he or she arrives, right?!

If the hours of class seem long and copious, don’t fret: we stay active on and off so it’s fun and no one will fall asleep!  Plus we have snacks! Of course, there are snacks!
There's also coffee, tea and cold water here, too.  Just remember, that if I could, I'd make the class a LOT longer...and that by the time it's over, you'll be wishing it was longer because it's fun. Yes, really. At least that's what people tell me. Yes, even the guys.
It's best to register for a package of classes that starts around 28 weeks (or at least finishes around 36 weeks or earlier). Private classes may be possible if you just found out about this class and are already too far along for the schedule of this class.
You'll also receive:

    • A book, “Prepared Childbirth, the Family Way” and LOTS of recommendations for books and websites that are Ah-mazing for you!
    • A generous selection of reading materials, much of which will be available for download from a password-protected page on the website
    • 4 hours in class
    • Some other bonus items that I keep secret. Because who doesn't like presents?
    • Assistance with conceptualizing and writing your birth plan
    • My daytime/evening availability to you via via phone, text, WhatsApp and email (at no additional cost) to help you talk through any issues during pregnancy and early labor (in-person private consultations can be arranged for a fee).  Note: if you’d like someone to talk with you and help you during all parts of labor and at all hours, it’s best to hire one of my “doula sisters” as your doula. I’m happy to give you referrals to many other wonderful doulas so you find the perfect fit for you! Click here to find a list of doulas and many other people you might want to work with!
    • Free phone support for brief support after you have your baby related to baby care and breastfeeding support. If issues warrant a lactation consultation, I will let you know.
    • Ongoing communication with me, if you need it or want it–I’m happy to support you as you get more comfortable with being a parent! Text me! ;)


The Basics class costs $140 per couple.  Limited to just 8 couples (minimum of 3). 

What is a "couple"?  Typically, it's two people (one pregnant, one support person).  A support person is partner, relative or friend who will be with you during your labor and birth. If you happen to have a second support person coming (often a partner AND your mom or sister or friend, that person is also welcome to attend...if they are NOT also pregnant, of course).

This is a class that meets for ONE 4-hour class.  I work hard to make it interesting and entertaining but you'll also get out of it what you put in. Participate, ask questions, crack jokes, share things you know with the class...  And remember, ideally you'd also take some or all of the other classes I offer:  Move & Get Comfy for Labor, Birth Decisions: Medications & Interventions, New Baby & Postpartum Ready and/or Breastfeeding Ready.


Check out the other classes offered via Babies in Common.  

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Upcoming Classes

Classes are held at 6 Maple Street, Northborough, MA. Click here for details.

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About Your Childbirth Educator

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This class is taught by Jeanette Mesite Frem, mother of two, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant/Registered Lactation Consultant, experienced birth doula, certified childbirth educator, childbirth educator trainer, public health specialist, moms group leader and former owner of a local maternity and parenting center.

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Yes, Insurance Can Reimburse for Classes!

Yes, if your insurance reimburses for a prenatal class at a hospital, they will reimburse the same amount for classes at Babies in Common.  Some don't reimburse at all, some reimburse a certain amount and some (it's rare!) reimburse the entire amount.  Call your insurance to find out what your plan covers.  After you finish all your classes, you'll receive a certificate of attendance and receipt (with special codes that insurance companies look for). You can submit that to your insurance company to request reimbursement.



















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"My husband and I took BinC's Natural Birth Ready class and it really helped us prepare for the big day! My husband is not the type to sit and read books so I knew something more hands-on would be appropriate and useful. Jeanette is funny, engaging, entertaining and extremely resourceful. After we had our little one Jeanette checked her for a tongue and lip tie and was able to recommend a visit to the pediatric dentist. The Breastmilk and Cookies group is a MUST for any nursing moms as well!"

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