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Why Take This Class?

While it's best to take an in-person childbirth class, sometimes that's not possible. Some reasons you might choose an online class:

  • you just recently decided to take a childbirth class but don't have time in your schedule for one
  • can't find a quality class near you (one that includes lots of options that YOU can choose vs. a class that teaches you how to be a compliant patient)
  • you are on bed-rest
  • your schedule doesn't allow you or your birth partner to take an in-person class
  • you are going to be a support person for someone and you can't attend a class with them due to time or distance
  • you are having your second or third baby and are looking for a review class that works with your busy parenting schedule (but if you live in MA and have time on a weekend for a 4.5-hour class, the Move & Get Comfy class at Babies in Common is a great option!)
  • you just aren't interested in a group class
  • you prefer online learning at a pace that works for your schedule and your mood
  • an add-on to an in-person class because you want to learn more than you felt you learned in your in-person class (many classes that are offered these days are very short and not thorough at all...any childbirth educator training program will tell its educators that a 12-hour in-person class is the standard for first-time parents!).
  • you like to learn in the middle of the night and this class is available 24 hours a day!
  • note that you can also do both the online class and add on an in-person Breastfeeding Ready and an in-person New Baby Ready class at Babies in Common for a package price...or add the Move & Get Comfy for Labor class AND the breastfeeding and new baby classes for a package price. Find out more on the Class Packages page by clicking here.

Why Choose THIS Online Class?

The Understanding Birth eClass was chosen for the quality of its content--the lessons, the videos, the animations, the layout, the customizability--it was chosen by Jeanette Mesite Frem, the founder of Babies in Common and its Certified Childbirth Educator (and Registered Lactation Consultant/IBCLC). Besides the online modules, Jeanette has customized the FAQs and the links included in the program. Additionally, registrants for the online class will have access to additional reading via downloadable PDFs, a progressive relaxation mp3 recorded for you by Jeanette and webinars to add to the information related to medications and interventions as well as postpartum adjustment. You are also welcome to contact Jeanette via email or schedule a phone call or video call to ask her any additional questions before your baby is born.  After your baby arrives, for an additional fee, Jeanette is also available for an online lactation consult, if needed (via video call using either FaceTime, Google or Skype).

The 8-chapter program is an interactive, web-based class that uses videos, personal birth stories, animations, activities and games to teach all the essential information parents need to know to prepare for their birth.  Have questions? Please contact

Are you curious to see a sample? Click HERE for a preview and enjoy the gorgeous graphics, attractive layout and clear instruction in the first chapter!

Are you ready to sign up? Click the button below and you'll hear from Jeanette with 24-48 hours with your login instructions (very likely less)! If you haven't received an email, be sure to check your Junk or Other folder and if you still can't find it, email

Class Fee: $149

Access Period: 24-hour access for 90 days from first login

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