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Prenatal classes will be held at 6 Maple Street, Northborough, MA. Click here for details.

Why Take This Class?

New Baby Ready was created for those who are about to have their first child and want to be confident about making decisions that are best (in your opinion) for your baby's care. It's for those who are open to learning new things and open to having a bit of fun on a weekday evening as you prepare yourself mentally to have a baby come live with you!

Since you're on this page looking at a new baby class, you must already have an idea that it's a good idea to take one. There's so much to know, and while a class can't teach you everything about YOUR baby, it's a great start. Register for class as soon as possible! Ideally, you'll be done with all your prenatal education classes before 36 weeks.

Most people in our culture today haven't held a newborn.  Some have taken care of a baby before, but typically not until the baby was a few months old...come find out what you need to know.

What is Included in Class?

In New Baby Ready, we'll discuss:

  • establishing a bonded relationship with your baby
  • setting yourself up with support
  • how partners can help care and feed the baby
  • tips for soothing your baby
  • cloth diapering vs safer disposables: practical tips and resources
  • finding a doctor for your baby, when to call the doctor and preventing illness in a baby
  • helpful products for baby and postpartum (and products that are a waste of money)
  • making decisions during the first few days and months of your baby's life related to mandatory and optional medical procedures
  • dealing with unwanted advice
  • postpartum sex (is there any?)
  • managing your relationship with your child's grandparents
  • safe sleep (and finding sleep)
  • natural baby care, including how to avoid toxic products for moms and babies
  • improving bonding with your baby through skin-on-skin time and playtime
  • babywearing basics (wraps vs. carriers vs. slings)
  • complementary therapies for parents and babies
  • your questions answered and a link to a generous selection of reading materials and videos and added bonuses just for class participants!

Who & How Much?

Limited to just 7 "couples" (minimum of 3).  As far as this class goes, if you are expecting a baby (giving birth, adopting or co-parenting and plan to breastfeed), this class is for you and one support person (partner, relative, friend) who will be helping you care for the baby after his/her arrival! 

This is a one-time, 2.5 hour class

$75 per couple (see package deal options at right)

There will be light snacks here as well as coffee, tea and other drinks.

2016 Upcoming Classes

 All classes run for 6:30 - 9:00 pm

NOTE: If you register for a package deal using the link in the big pink box to the right, MAKE SURE you email to let her know which class dates you would like. Until you hear back from her to confirm there is space in the classes you want, you are not confirmed.

Future dates

Wednesday, April 12, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

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Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

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Wednesday, June 28, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

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About the Teacher

This class is taught by Melissa DuBois, RN, CLC, a mother of two, registered nurse, experienced and certified childbirth educator and certified lactation counselor. Melissa has many years of experience as a labor and postpartum nurse in New York state and in Boston. She brings her knowledge, experience and sense of humor to her classes. After many years of asking her to teach this class for Babies in Common, it's exciting that she's finally said yes!! :)

If you are interested in this class and have questions, please contact Jeanette, owner of Babies in Common



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