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Is there a new baby coming into your life soon? Or you became a grandparent recently and are struggling to communicate with the new parents because so much they tell you is contrary to how you raised your kids?

I have talked to a lot of new parents and many grandparents and there is often a spoken or unspoken tension between the parents wishing grandparents would "get with the times" and grandparents wondering why new parents are raising babies so differently than back in "the day".  

New pare
nts often do so much research about the best practices for baby care and safety as well as what gear they need for a baby.  Grandparents want to be supportive and offer wisdom but sometimes that isn't received well by new parents.  

Why not come to a class just for grandparents to find out what exactly the "new" info is and how to best approach new parents with your support and advice.  Of course you have so very much to offer, but there have been some changes to parenting since you had kids.

This class will cover many new topics:  sleep, products and gear, new ideas (cloth diapers, organic products), birth (natural hospital birth, homebirth as an option, epidurals and Cesareans), breastfeeding, bottlefeeding (new methods), formula and first foods, new baby care, safety, baby soothing tricks, how you can best help new parents and more. 

Of course, those are a LOT of topics to cover in one night, so we'll go over things quickly as well as weave in questions and discussion based on what you are curious about...and you'll receive online "homework" with more information and resources.So much has changed over the years--come find out what new parents are learning and how you can support them and help with the new baby without creating conflict with comments or "old" ideas. You have so much wisdom as grandparents, but being up on the new recommendations, research, gear and parenting styles and practices will help you and the new parents in your life live in harmony.

This class is a group event and the $60 fee is for one grandparent-to-be and his/her partner grandparent (come alone or together, it's the same fee, you must be grandparenting the same child to come together under one registration fee).  

Minimum number of registrants for the class to run is 3.  Tell your friends! Even if they already have a grandbaby, they might be interested in learning more and more!

Register today and be ready to learn some new things but also to know that you, of course, have wisdom based on your experiences!

Questions? Contact Jeanette, the instructor, at or call her at 617-686-0052. 

Upcoming Classes

Tuesday, November 21, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

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Thursday, December 14, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

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Jeanette with babyYour instructor is Jeanette Mesite Frem, mother of two teenagers, childbirth educator, registered lactation consultant, (mostly) retired birth doula and someone who has talked with literally thousands of parents about what they wish grandparents would or wouldn't say or do!

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