Baby on the Way Classes

Are you ready to get real about how to have a natural birth, whether in a hospital, birth center or at home?

Do you want to have an awesome birth, no matter how or where your baby arrives?

Do you value knowledge and skills in all aspects of your life?

Wouldn’t you want to take the most comprehensive and fun class in the region!  

Don’t you deserve to learn as much as possible and enjoy doing it?  

Do know people who have taken a class elsewhere and said it was just “okay”?  Wouldn’t you rather take a class that has been called “awesome”?  

Don’t you deserve individual attention and not be just one of many in a class or group?

Are you looking for classes and groups that take you from pregnancy, through to birth, new parenthood and breastfeeding as well?  Look no more. 


Helping parents get the information they need to make informed decisions about pregnancy, labor, birth, newborn care and breastfeeding based on research evidence and ultimately discovering what feels best for themselves and their babies, Jeanette Mesite Frem teaches comprehensive and fun classes--they should be fun--you're having a baby, after all!

Awesome Birth Ready...for those who want an unmedicated birth or who are open to knowing everything possible to cope with labor until you decide to get an epidural (and even to have an awesome Cesarean if that's what is needed). Folks who take this class should be interested in learning about the evidence and choices about interventions, medications and surgery. The gold standard in childbirth education is to learn about all options, knowing your options is something most people want for life!  15 hours done in THREE separate 5-hour sessions on Sunday afternoons and evenings.  $375.  There is a package price available if you also want to attend the Breastfeeding and New Baby classes ($450 for all of them, that's just $75 more).

Breastfeeding Ready...a one-time prenatal class, 2.5 hours, $75 per couple

This class, taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, will not only show you how to get breastfeeding and milkmaking off to a great start (and what you can do prenatally to prepare) but also how to get through the first month feeling supported and what bumps in the road to look for. We'll talk about sore nipples, tongue-tie, colostrum expression, pumping, choosing breastpumps and how to know when to call in a professional for help.  We'll also talk about what you need and don't need as far as products. What can be more fun that talking about boobs!?  There is also a discount if your health insurance is MassHealth.

New Baby Ready, a one-time prenatal class, 2.5 hours, $75 per couple

This class, taught by an experienced mother, childbirth educator, birth doula, lactation consultant and parenting coach (starting in January, the plan is that an experienced mother, childbirth educator, ob/gyn nurse and former labor and delivery nurse will be teaching this class), will provide you with tons of information about easing the transition to parenthood, getting information to know how to make decisions for your baby's care, bathing, healthy products, sleep, diapers, soothing your baby and so much more.  This is hands-down the most comprehensive prenatal baby class you can find. There is also a discount if your health insurance is MassHealth.

Online Childbirth Class...for those who can't make it to an in-person class for whatever reason but still want as much information. Babies in Common's childbirth educator has partnered with a company that makes a fantastic eClass, with videos, graphics and reading materials. You'll also get two bonus webinars made by BinC's childbirth educator. $149

Move & Get Comfy for Labor...for those who took another class and were left wanting more information, for those who just realized they need a childbirth class but don't have time to fit in any other class, for those wanting a Refresher class and those hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean birth this time around). 4 hour class for $155, usually on a Saturday afternoon.

VBAC Ready...if you are looking forward to having a vaginal birth this time, consider taking Move & Get Comfy for Labor or even taking the entire Natural Birth Ready series--there have been several couples who have done that and enjoyed it also as a date night!

Planned Cesarean & Postpartum...if you are planning a Cesarean but are interested in finding out what happens during a Cesarean and how to make it as comfortable, joyful and personalized as possible, this is the class for you! We'll also go through what to expect in the hospital during your stay as well as transitioning to parenthood at home and what makes that transition easier.  This class isn't scheduled but COULD be scheduled as a group class (and we'll try to get other couples to join, minimum 3 couples for $155 each) or we can plan for a private class. 

Private matter what kind of birth you plan, you deserve to have an amazing birth!  And even better, I’ll come to you…I am willing to drive up to an hour for a private class, just inquire (Boston to CT to RI to West of Worcester).  $100/hour at Northborough Chiropractic or at your home, whichever you prefer.  Topics customized to what you want to learn about. This is a great option for those who don't want to do a group class, don't have time for a group class and don't want to do an online class, either.  Hey, whatever works! If I'm not available, I'll connect you with colleagues that I trust!

Birth Circle for Women...a special event where parents and parents-to-be come to talk about birth. Share your own stories, listen, ask questions, laugh and learn. $10

After you have your baby, come to one or more of my Breastmilk and Conversation groups (a feeding support group, $15) 


  • to register online for a class, please see the page for that class and click on the "Sign me up!" button to register or click on the date of the class in the online scheduling calendar on that class page (you can pay with a credit card). You are also welcome to email Jeanette and send a check to register for a class, group or event.
  • If you have MassHealth or are also enrolled for WIC services, you are eligible for a discount for childbirth and prenatal classes, please email me or call me at 617-686-0052 for details.

Questions?  Just want to learn more about the classes?  Feel free to call Jeanette, the owner/director of Babies in Common.  Her cell is (617) 686-0052.  She loves to chat!