Sign with Your Baby

Wouldn’t you love to have your child communicate with you before they have words? With Baby Sign Language it is possible. Start early so you can practice every day and soon enough your child will calm down when they see a sign...and eventually they will sign it to you!

The Benefits of Baby Sign Language

  • Reduces frustration for everyone
  • Deepens bonding between you and your baby
  • Givees babies the ability to express themselves before they can speak
  • Accelerates your baby’s development of speech
  • Increases child’s vocabulary
  • Relieves anxiety about your baby’s needs
  • Enhances early literacy skills
  • Ads visual and kinesthetic emphasis to auditory input
  • Lower noise levels and aggressive behaviors in childcare settings

This one-time introductory workshop will give you some benefits and research in this area as well as ways to teach your baby many American Sign Language Signs. Sheryl teaching baby sign

Join Sheryl White, very experienced teacher of infant sign, baby massage, reiki and mindful parenting, for this class that will enrich your parenting experience. She has used the Sign with Your Baby program by Joseph Garcia with her own children. Sheryl begins the class with instruction detailing how to teach your baby sign language, benefits and research for caregivers. Afterwards, Sheryl brings out a bag filled with props, toys, puppets, etc. and signs with the babies. Caregivers then get a turn learning signs while interacting and engaging with babies. Classes are a feast for the babies’ eyes and they usually leave ready for a nap after all of that learning and stimulation. Some parents even report longer naps after class! Caregivers leave with handouts and armed with the tools they need to sign with their babies. This class is appropriate for babies and young children 2-months or older and pre-verbal.

Sheryl White


About Shery

Sheryl White is a certified Infant Massage Instructor, Baby Signer, Reiki Master and mother of three. Her background includes a BA in Psychology and Corporate Classroom Trainer. Sheryl has received specialized training in the field of Infant Massage conducted by The International Association of Infant Massage and is a member of the IAIM association founded by Visalia McClure.  She is a certified instructor of Joseph Garcia’s International Sign 2 Me Presenters Network, a babies and toddlers signing program. Sheryl has also received training in her father-in-law’s program, Dr. Burton White’s ‘New Parents as Teachers’ basedon his book the First Three Years of Life

Sheryl has been teaching classes to parents, teachers, professionals and caregivers since 1999. Her role in the classes is to facilitate and help strengthen the relationship between an infant and their caregiver.

Next Class:

Friday, May 4, 2018, 1:30 - 2:30 pm  (minimum of 6 registrants required by 4/27 to run this class, so tell your friends!)

Northborough Chiropractic Center

6 Maple Street

Northboro, MA (home of Babies in Common as well)

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